Legislative Internships

Capitol Associates is pleased to offer fall, spring and summer paid internships to undergraduate students who are self-motivated with an interest in understanding the development of public policy and government affairs.

Now accepting applications for 2024 Summer Internship

This experience provides exposure to the federal legislative and regulatory process while developing an understanding of the operations of a bipartisan federal government relations firm.

Responsibilities will encompass attending and reporting on relevant workshops, briefings, meetings, and Congressional hearings, assisting in report preparation, summarizing legislation and regulations, conducting research, and providing editing and proofreading support.

Eligibility & Qualifications

Internships are offered to undergraduate students for the fall, spring and summer semester. Students who are self-motivated with an interest in understanding the development of public policy and government affairs are highly preferred. Other qualifications include:


  • Strong writing skills are a must.
  • A background or keen interest in public policy, healthcare, rural health, or political science is preferred.
  • Undergraduate students with sophomore or junior standing are encouraged to apply. Seniors participating in Washington programs facilitated by their college or university are also eligible

Application Process

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until positions are filled. 

*If you have a specific interest in policy and research related to rural populations, be sure to highlight this in your letter of interest.

Application Requirements

If you’re ready to embark on this exciting journey, please submit the following documents to the Program Director, Luke Schwartz at schwartzl@capitolassociates.com:


  • Letter of interest
  • Resume
  • Writing sample
  • Contact information for 2-3 references

Application Deadline : March 15, 2024


Additional Details:

  • Flexible work schedule 
  • $15 hourly stipend, compensation paid monthly



    “My internship with CAI started in August 2023 and ended in December. The experience was invaluable — from working with such a knowledgeable and hands-on team to the actual work I was doing. In the few months I worked with CAI I gained a new understanding of the complexities of healthcare policy and had the opportunity to apply knowledge from the classroom to the work I was tasked with, including writing the “Top News Stories” for a weekly newsletter, writing articles about relevant current healthcare stories, reading and summarizing healthcare policies, and attending and pulling out relevant information from hearings on the Hill. Everyone at CAI helped deepen my passion for healthcare policy, and I feel excited and empowered to join the field after graduation.”

    Emma Llewellyn

    2023, Fall Semester, James Madison University

    “My internship experience at Capitol Associates was nothing short of exceptional. I had the opportunity to participate in many impactful experiences and complete work that I found meaningful and fulfilling. When I was searching for a summer internship, I desired a program where I would not be lost in the shuffle of a corporate office or only tasked with busy work. I can now say that I found exactly what I was looking for with CAI. I developed my skills in research, writing, and presentation creation, and feel that I left the program with a great foundation for a future career in government or politics. In addition to the work, the office culture of CAI is incredibly welcoming and supportive. I was able to forge connections with senior staff, and thoroughly enjoyed the chats over coffee or lunch that occurred on a daily basis. I highly recommend the CAI internship experience!”

    Thomas Corddry

    2023 Summer Intern , University of Pennsylvania

    “Going through the process of searching for an internship in the Washington DC area, it became clear early on that Capitol Associates was the best fit for me. I was able to quickly establish a strong connection with CAI in the interview process, and my time working in the office was no different. What I appreciate the most about my internship with CAI was the opportunity to gain real work experience in a professional environment and be involved as a valued member of the firm.

    This is not a “get coffee and print copies” internship. From my first day interning at CAI, Senior Leadership made it clear that I would be viewed with the same level of respect and expectations as full-time associates, and I would be actively involved in the production and facilitation of real projects alongside my supervisors. Being trusted with real responsibility throughout my internship provided me with invaluable experience and learning opportunities that made me well prepared for my current career on Capitol Hill. I do not believe I would be where I am today if it weren’t for my internship with CAI, and I am grateful for the experiences and relationships developed in my time there.”

    Brett Hedges

    2022 Summer Intern, Lubbock Christian University

    My internship at Capitol Associates was an excellent way to explore health policy and gain broadly applicable skills. I worked closely with full-time staff on various projects and had frequent opportunities to do independent work that went to clients. I also had the freedom to focus on, and explore, areas that I found particularly interesting. Everyone was always willing to answer questions and provided a fantastic environment to learn and grow. While the program focused on health policy, it was also a great environment to get a general idea of state and federal policymaking processes across other domains.”

    Henry Ediger

    2022 Spring Intern , University of Colorado-Boulder

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