At Capitol Associates, We tailor an individual strategy for each of our clients that targets the areas of the Federal Government that have key roles relevant to the health care industry so that the client can make informed business decisions and contribute to the policy making process. Our extensive experience working with both the Congress and Federal Agencies keeps our clients informed of important legislation and regulations and helps them effectively participate with both branches of the government.


Each year, literally thousands of bills are introduced in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. Only select few pass.

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Regulatory Process

The regulatory process is where many substantive and complex policies are developed. Every day, each Federal agency puts forth new Proposed and Final Rules, Regulations, etc.

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Policy Analysis

Understanding how the actions of the Federal Government affect an Association’s members or the health sector enables that organization to make informed decisions.

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Presentations can range from broad trends in healthcare and government to more focused topics such as a specific policy provision. Please inquire about speaking events.

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