Regulatory Process

The regulatory process is where many substantive and complex policies are developed. Every day, each Federal agency puts forth new Proposed and Final Rules, Regulations, Guidance, Notices, Information Collections, etc. They all influence major policy changes but are not subject to the same type of debate and public input as legislation.

Capitol Associates understands that our clients need to be properly positioned to have their voice heard in the regulatory process. We know how to navigate the bureaucracy of each Federal Agency to pinpoint where our clients’ voice will be most effective and can best serve as a resource to the Agency. We have developed relationships built on our policy expertise with key staff members in the Federal Agencies with jurisdiction over the Health Care industry. Similarly, we know where Congress and the Agencies intersect in the life of a policy decision.

We carefully monitor the actions of each of important Federal Agencies to identify where there are areas of interest for our clients as well as for opportunities to participate in the regulatory process. Some of the services Capitol Associates provides to our clients in the regulatory space include:

  • Submitting formal comments on proposed rules and regulations;
  • Identifying vacancies on Federal advisory boards and helping our clients throughout the nomination process;
  • Monitor Notices and Guidance documents that affect the business operations of our clients and their members;
  • Analyzing the complexities of a rule or regulation on how it directly and indirectly affects our clients;
  • Facilitating meetings with the staff members within the Agencies who are in the best position to understand our clients’ position and affect change.