Each year, literally thousands of bills are introduced in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. Only a very small percentage of these bills will actually see the light of day. However, the legislative language of those bills will often show up in larger, mega-bills which are increasingly being used by Congress to pass these smaller legislative items. We understand the pace and pulse of Congress. We know what’s moving through the legislative process and why.

Our knowledge and understanding of the legislative process can help ensure that your issue gets linked to the right bill, at the right time so it gets across the finish line. Knowing which Congressional offices to communicate with as well as the most effective way to communicate with each office is necessary to make sure an organization’s voice will be heard.

Who is the right Member to sponsor our legislation and who you should avoid? What is the best approach for educating Members on the issue? We work with our clients to answer important questions like these to develop the right legislative strategy for them.

We specialize in developing a specifically tailored strategy for our clients’ involvement in the legislative process. We establish and maintain working relationships with key Congressional offices and Committee staff so that our clients can stay ahead of important legislation that can impact their business decisions.