Professional Specialty

Just as each medical specialty provides a more particular medical service, each specialty faces its own set of policy issues at the Federal level. Our staff specializes in analyzing broad policy decisions and trends and translate the effect they will have on a particular specialty. We know that each medical specialty brings something valuable and unique to the table. We have decades of experience advocating and promoting this value to the goals of Federal health policy makers on both Capitol Hill and the Agencies. New treatments and therapies are constantly being developed. We help specialty associations gain recognition for the benefits they provide as well as fair reimbursement compared to existing services.

Whenever possible, we want to work collaboratively with federal health policy makers during the policy making process. But make no mistake, if our clients interests aren’t met through a collaborative effort, we have a strong track record of working to defeat policy proposals that go against the interests of our clients.

We identify how a medical specialty can help the Federal government achieve its long-term health goals such as the transition from volume-based reimbursements to value-based reimbursements. We help our clients foster strong relationships with key policy makers to give them a seat at the policy making table. While our goal is to help an association work with Federal policy makers, we are fully prepared and capable of working against them when necessary.