After working as an intern for Capitol Associates in the summer of 2011, Nathan was hired in April of 2015 as an Associate. In 2016, Nathan became the Director of Government Relations for the National Association of Rural Health Clinics and is frequently invited to speak at rural health conferences throughout the country. 

Nathan has worked on a wide range of RHC regulatory issues including: CPT reporting, chronic care management, emergency preparedness, and RHC compliance. In 2019, Nathan helped get the Rural Health Clinic Modernization Act introduced in Congress which would modernize several problematic aspects of the RHC program. This legislation eventually led to the major RHC Medicare payment reforms included in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021. 

In addition to his rural health work, Nathan works on medical imaging issues for the firm’s clients. Nathan also manages the Capitol Associates website. He currently lives in Alexandria, VA and coaches basketball in the Alexandria recreational league.