About Us

Capitol Associates, Inc. (CAI) is a bipartisan government relations firm specializing in health policy. We serve a broad range of clients from many sectors of the health care industry. The foundation of our success is our understanding of Washington.

Since the firm was founded in 1984, we have worked hard to establish ourselves as an honest, experienced resource for policy makers in the Federal government. We know how to navigate the policy making process to get results for our clients on the legislative, regulatory and policy issues that matter to them. And, we know how to frame the argument so that it resonates with officials from differing parties and philosophies.

How We Work

It all starts with understanding our client's needs because our clients best understand their particular challenges. Our staff work closely with you to:

  • Determine the source of your problem (legislative, regulatory, interpretive guidelines, etc.)
  • Identify your goals and objectives.
  • Develop short and long-term strategies which will result in an action plan outlining what it will take to get results.

These strategies often involve; direct lobbying, coalition building and strategic communications. Over the years we have developed a strong ability to track, report, analyze and help shape public policy. We understand the policymaking process and have established trust and credibility among policymakers. That gives us the ability to craft policy positions that are supported by both Members of Congress and the administration.

Understanding the policy isn't enough. To be successful in Washington, you also must understand the politics of Washington. Who are the real movers and shakers? Even though there are 435 Members in the House and 100 Senators, they are not equal in their ability to influence the outcome of legislation. Our nearly 4 decades of involvement in Washington policy making give us the insight and perspective necessary to deliver a winning strategy.